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March 5, 2018

Quotes in English
Quotes in English

Top Henry David Thoreau Quotes

Henry David Thoreau Top Quotes It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see. There is no remedy for love but to love more. This world is but a canvas to our imagination. Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not…
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Top 10 Inspirational Quotes in English

Top 10 Inspirational Quotes on Life When the sun is shining I can do anything; no mountain is too high, no trouble too difficult to overcome. By Wilma Rudolph Your present circumstances don't determine where you can go; they merely determine where you start. By Nido Qubein Put your heart,…
Life SMS Quotes

Life SMS Quotes- Inspirational Quotes on Life

Life SMS Quotes in English         1. If hate is all you have in your heart, you don’t need to worry about more serious illnesses. 2. Experience never makes mistakes however mistakes is the only thing which Brings Experience for a person. 3. When someone insults a…
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Happy Propose Day Quotes SMS, Status, Messages

Best Propose Day SMS and Quotes Propose Day is the perfect day to propose Boy, Girl that you have crush on. This day is perfect to propose your lover, propose your partner to get marriage and give a beautiful gift like flowers, card etc. Latest Propose Day Wishes SMS in…
Republic Day Quotes

फिर से खुद को जगाते हैं – Republic Day Quote SMS

फिर से खुद को जगाते हैं, अनुशासन का डंडा फिर घुमाते हैं, याद करें उन शूरवीरों को क़ुरबानी, जिनके कारण हम गणतंत्र दिवस का आनंद उठाते हैं। गणतंत्र दिवस की हार्दिक शुभकामनायें ।
Republic Day Quotes

चलो फिर से आज वोह Republic Day Quote

चलो फिर से आज वोह नजारा याद करले, शहीदों के दिल में थी वो ज्वाला याद करले, जिसमे बहकर आज़ादी पहुची थी किनारे पे, देशभक्तों के खून की वो धारा याद करले